Small Plates Are the Way to Go

When it comes down to selecting the food for your reception, the thought of an easy chicken or fish menu is pretty much a thing of the past. These days, a typical guest list will have different individual dietary preferences. Mediterranean, Gluten-free, Paleolithic or Vegan, whichever the case proper preparation is very important. With the tendency towards explicit food preferences, a sitting dinner isn’t as of lately the foremost crowd-pleasing of choices. With this in mind, many people have been gravitating toward the little plate trend.

Aaron Shaffer of twelve Seasons line & Events has detected a major upswing towards the tiny plate receptions regardless of the venue, it’s becoming more popular to allow guest the freedom to move around during events.
“I assume it lends itself to added selection at the event,” says Shaffer. “It additionally packs a visual punch and provides limitless food choices in our food-centric city.”

He and his workers are noted to make high-impact events where guests can choose a cut from the meat house station and a grits bar for guests to rotate to and from, filling their small plates. This easily allows guests to wander throughout the venue and encourages conversations to develop.

“I assume that as guests enjoy mingling, folks are noticing meals and colors they’ll not have seen and discussions begin,” says Shaffer. “Everyone likes to name what they likeable or disliked from the menu at a wedding reception.”

Leah Berhanu, Director of Sales and promotions for columbiform bird line and Events, says the little plates usually encourage seamless transitions throughout the party from one part of the event to the other.

“It permits the reception to flow organically,” says Berhanu. “Many time there many things happening at a reception: a person singing, cocktail hour, a good band playing, talent show etc…. Having small plates permits you to get pleasure from everything.”

Berhanu suggests for couples to infuse some personal touches in their menu selections and to celebrate their family roots.

“We had a wedding where the bride was from Republic of Nicaragua and the groom was from big apple,” she said. “We had some infused dishes, all labeled with sweet notes for guests so that they grasp why the dish was chosen.”

Ana Ordaz, Manager of Sales at The Westin point Canal Place has seen this trend on an upswing as well; showcasing the temperament of the bride and groom, and sees several of her foodie-enthusiastic couples embrace the little plate thought.

Ordaz has seen couples incorporate dishes like cooked Brussels sprouts, bouyon, dumplings, falafel, stuffed grape leaves, empanadas and bruschetta amongst a few.

“If you’re addicted to food or have trouble deciding on just one food choice for guests, offering small plates allows you a wider selection,’ says Ordaz. “It’s additionally cool for guests to experiment with different palate choices than they’d normally try because they wouldn’t have to order a complete entrée of it.”

With customization being a well-liked option in today’s receptions, Ashley Wright, the Senior Sales Manager that handles on-the-spot weddings at Windsor Court, thinks that petite plates complement the concept of an extremely customized reception and could be a good way to introduce guests to a range of foods that speaks to the expression of New Orleans.

“When you’re doing smaller tapas-style choices, there’s loads additional freedoms on what you’ll be able to have in your menu and it can all be tailored to meet all of your guests needs”, says Wright.

Wright has helped couples embrace the culture of the tiny plate stations by offering a raw food bar (sushi), martinis, differing types of Italian rice and pastries and cheese. She’s additionally promotes the little plate theme adding to the sweets menu with mini beignets, frozen shots of au lait and snowball stations are also a big hit.

“Small plate receptions are a brand new Orleans tradition with reference to weddings,” says Wright. “You don’t need to supply seating for all of your guests, it’s more relaxed and it doesn’t exclude from the formality.
With the major swing toward the small plate reception, you may want to consider having one for your next venue. You may find your event is more enjoyable and a good reaction is a great reaction.